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7 Deadliest
a solo exhibition by Damion Dreher

On view: August 3rd- 29th

7 Deadliest is a solo exhibition by artist Damion Dreher that explores different manifestations of the seven deadly sins through mixed media paintings.  These sins are thought to be seven vices that spur immoral behavior of various scales. Dreher visits each one through its historical context and the way they’re reflected in modern society.  The collection includes 7 large scale works where each sin in dealt with separately and created through layers of text, imagery and paint to build visual narratives that guide you through the sins of 7 individuals.

Damion Dreher was born and raised in Clairton, Pennsylvania, heart of steel country. His visual language is influenced heavily by urban and decaying spaces like abandoned buildings, busy subway platforms and dive bar bathrooms.  In 7 Deadliest,  Dreher blends abstraction and representation to tell stories through fragmented visual clues. These stories and their subjects are rarely given in their entirety but offer viewers an incomplete narrative through which their own conclusions can be drawn.  The layers, although torn, ripped and sometimes almost unintelligible, help to convey a message. That is a message of resilience, defiance and sometimes, even a message of hope.

Bunker Projects is a non-profit artist residency and experimental gallery that serves as a platform for emerging artists to develop their practice and create new works for exhibition. By providing an immersive live/work space alongside intimate cultural programming, Bunker Projects fosters a spirit of innovative support, connecting artists with Pittsburgh’s active and growing community.
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