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PUM One on One: Heather Thompson|7-Eleven, Inc.| Patriot Zone-Franchise Sales Rep| W.PA-WV-MD-KY|


PUM: You are based here in Pittsburgh, what specifically are you focused on in this region? 

Thompson: I am focused on growth within our existing franchise community as well as finding new franchised business owners for the Pittsburgh region.

PUM: Tell us more about the various seminars and webinars you have scheduled? 

Thompson: 7-Eleven offers a free platform to provide an overview of our franchised business systems.  It allows for participants to ask questions of persons like myself in role from coast to coast either in a group setting or one on one discussion.

To learn more about franchising with 7-Eleven, please visit http://franchise.7-eleven.com.

To sign up for seminars, please visit https://franchise.7-eleven.com/franchise/seminar-sign-up.

PUM: Tell us more about franchising opportunities here in Pittsburgh and surrounding communities. 


PUM: What sort of entrepreneurs make the best candidates to own and operate a 7-Eleven franchise?  What is the criteria?

Thompson: 7-Eleven has successful franchise owners from all different backgrounds.  7-Eleven is seeking candidates with a mindset for growth and community involvement, leaders who can build infrastructure and those who are seeking to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.

The basic criteria to be considered as a franchisee include the following:

  •        You must be 21 years of age. 
  •        You must have 3-5 years management history in the US. 
  •        You should have strong credit history and no bankruptcy in the previous 7 years. 
  •        You must be a US citizen or have permanent residency status.


PUM: As it relates to minority groups, what opportunities exist as a 7-Eleven franchise owner?

Thompson: 7-Eleven is committed to actively promoting diversity in its franchise system. We also provide incentives for members of the military. Our military discount provides up to 20% off the initial franchise fee, up to 65% financing through 7-Eleven, and special financing.

7‑Eleven is always looking for candidates who possess the ideal mix of personal qualities, professional experience and financial standing to successfully operate a 7‑Eleven franchise. Qualified multi-unit Franchisees will have U.S. citizenship or permanent residency and be at least 21 years old; have a college degree or equivalent work experience; pass a comprehensive background check; not have any other business interests that, in the opinion of 7-Eleven, might jeopardize their opportunity to successfully implement the 7-Eleven business concept; and have 5-10 years of multi-unit management experience, preferably in convenience, retail or restaurant industries.

PUM: What does the process entail to own a 7-Eleven franchise, does it cost a lot, what are the basic criteria to become a franchise owner? 

Thompson: There is a one-time initial franchise fee which ranges from approximately $50,000 to $750,000; however, the actual fees depend on the store you select. A down payment on the store’s inventory is also required, which includes: supplies, business licenses, permits and bonds.

PUM: Franchising with the world’s #1 convenience store, what sort of support is provided by 7-Eleven corporate? 

Thompson: As a new 7‑Eleven Franchisee, you’ll head to Dallas, Texas, for a LAUNCH class that introduces you to the brand. Next, you’ll head back to your community for six to eight weeks of C.O.O.L. (College of Operations Leadership) in-store training.

We also take care of real estate, zoning, store build-out and equipment installation. You even get your very own 7‑Eleven Franchise Sales Representative and a Field Consultant to guide you through the ins and outs of franchise ownership.

We offer ongoing consulting advice, bookkeeping services, award-winning advertising and promotion campaigns, and professional in-store point-of-purchase signage.

PUM: As a marketplace leader, customers and investors have come to appreciate and depend on the 7-Eleven brand, how does this great American story translate into financial success for me as a franchise owner? 

Thompson: Since 1927, 7-Eleven has been known and loved around the world because of its iconic brand and consistent goal to define convenience for customers. We have been franchising for over 50 years, and we are consistently ranked as a top-10 franchisor. We have a proven business system that allows our franchisees the opportunity for multi-unit growth. Innovation and convenience are our constant goals.

PUM: While 7-Eleven is focused on convenience, how does the business extend beyond the stores into the communities where customers live? 

Thompson: 7‑Eleven stores play a vital role in helping to build strong communities. We’re committed to making a difference in these communities by getting involved and giving back through programs that directly benefit youth development, military families, safety and hunger relief. 7-Eleven has locations within a 1-mile radius of 50% of the US population. Franchisees live and work in the neighborhoods they serve and are in a position to become involved in local school, civic and community activities to be good, supportive corporate citizens. Through signature programs like Project A-Game, 7-Eleven and its Franchisees team up to award neighborhood grants to local schools and recreation programs that develop youth. In addition to Project A-Game, we donate our time and resources to support national and local causes or organizations such as Feeding America, National Night Out, police departments - through our Operation Chill program, military organizations and more.

PUM: Working for 7-Eleven for the past 14 years, what have you enjoyed most about your position and opportunity for growth within the company? 

Thompson: 7-Eleven is a customer-obsessed brand. I have lived now in three states to support the brand and have been exposed to business leaders from around the country who have decided to franchise with our organization.  I have most enjoyed the team I work with and for in the company which includes our vast franchisee community.

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