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PUM One on One with Sala Udin on launching his new business:  Travel Concierge at your service.


Politician, activist, Pittsburgh Public School Board Member, Sala Udin has a new gig as a travel enthusiast Udin is open for business launching a new global company as a Travel Concierge creating travel opportunities.  


PUM: Tell us more about your new travel business and what why you decided to open this company. 

Sala: I love to travel, especially internationally. It makes the world smaller and more accessible. It adds days to my life. My free time in retirement gives me the opportunity to explore the possibilities of helping to create travel opportunities for my friends, family and constituents.


PUM: What exactly is a travel concierge, what services will you provide that will make travel easy for your clients? 

Sala: When planning a trip, there are many details that have to be accounted for and people are always wondering “What am I forgetting? Am I getting the best prices. What will make this trip extraordinary?” Like a hotel concierge, I can relieve travelers of all those worries and provide “take-me-by-the-hand” travel service. Instead of worrying about travel details, customers can be enjoying their trip.

PUM: What expertise are bringing to this business?

Sala: Travel agents can book air, hotel, car rental, tours, ground travel, etc., getting the best prices, the best times and the best services available world-wide. Our service begins from the time you leave your home for the airport until you arrive back home from your trip. We make all the reservations. We know of events and bargains that traveling customers are just not aware of.

PUM: Is there a special area region you will be focused on for your clients?

Sala: We have working relationships with travel suppliers domestically and worldwide. But we have a special focus on the Caribbean and Africa.


PUM: What do you enjoy about travel?

Sala: I especially like being immersed in new cultures, new foods, new languages, new music. When I get away from my daily routine, the stress just melts away!

(Pictured Sala and Jackie in Negril, Jamaica February 2019) 


PUM:  What sort of costs involved the services you provide. 

Sala: There is NO EXTRA COST associated with Travel Concierge

Our services are commissioned by the suppliers (airlines, hotels, cruises, etc.) we book with. Our service is free to the traveling customer!

PUM: Take us through the process, how do you help your customers. 

Sala: First: We gather all the details from talking to the traveler, e.g., where they want to go; when; how; how many travelers; what’s their traveling budget; would they prefer monthly payments; what will make this trip UNFORGETABLE.

Second: We get several detailed estimates of the total travel package and we send them to the prospective traveler. We then discuss all the trip details to make sure we know exactly what the traveler would prefer.

Third: we get their credit card information and authorization to book the trip.

Fourth: the trip booked, and reminders are sent, as we approach the deadlines.

Sometimes the traveler would prefer to book with the suppliers themselves. That’s fine. I just give them my website link and they are free to go on my website and book all, or part of the trip themselves.

What if something goes wrong? Cancelation, delay, illness, passport problems, etc. Good luck trying to reach a human being on one of those internet travel agencies, like Travelocity, Orbitz, etc. With Travel Concierge direct help is available 24/7.

PUM: How can we find you? 

Website: salaudin.inteletravel.com

Sala Udin

Independent Travel Agent



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US



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