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The 3 Time WNBA Champion, 2 Time Gold Medalist, and 2 Time NCCA National Champions Tells us More about her new book “ Humble Journey:  More Precious Than Gold”

Swin will come home to Pittsburgh as the Keynote Speaker for  the 59th Annual NAACP Human Right's Dinner, May 2nd, 2013


Swin Cash is one of the best female basketball players in the world.  As a 3 Time WNBA Champion, 2 Time Gold Medalist, and 2 Time NCAA National Champion, Swin’s resume speaks for itself, but now her incredible new book, “Humble Journey” speaks for the work and drive that got her to the top of her sport.  Selected as the Number Two overall pick in the 2002 draft, it didn’t take long for Cash to rack up awards and accolades. She is a five time WNBA All-Star, two time WNBA All-Star MVP, and a three time WNBA Champion. Cash also is a two time Olympic Gold Medalist and was voted ‘Dapper Dan Sportswoman of the Year’ in 2007.

Cash was a four year member of the UCONN Woman’s Basketball Team, twice winning the NCAA National Title and leading the Huskies to a 136-9 record during her tenure in Storrs, CT. She graduated in 2002 with a degree in communications science.

There’s more to Swin Cash than just points and rebounds. She is the Founder of Swin Cash Enterprises, LLC and the Founder of Cash Building Blocks, LP, an urban development company that renovates and offers affordable homes for low income families. As if that weren’t enough, the McKeesport, Pennsylvania native, is the founder of Cash for Kids, a 501 (c)(3) charity with the mission to “motivate, educate, & elevate” kids. Through Cash for Kids she has helped over a thousand children across the nation with a particular focus on fitness.   Recognized by the WNBA’s Community Assist Award for her extensive outreach efforts, Cash enjoys talking to young people, encouraging them to believe in themselves, to achieve their goals and to become leaders in their communities. This, she believes, leads to self-confidence, self-development and is essential to helping kids “get in the game” of life.


PUM: Great to catch up with you Swin, tell us about your new book, we are so excited for you.

SC: Thank you my book is out now it’s called “Humble Journey: More Precious Than Gold,” it really just traces the last four years of my life from 2008 when I didn’t make the Olympic team to 2012 when I did make it and I felt there was a lot of life lessons that I learned along the way. So I wanted to write a book that was very authentic that was transparent, inspire people through their ups and their downs and really let them see a different side of me.














PUM: What is the different side of you? What don’t we know about you?

SC: Growth, I think through the first four years there was things in my life that I went through that I kept private which obviously was my choice.  I have a lot of kids in my charity “Cash For Kids” and people that I work with that look to me as a role model, and I understood that sometimes they think that everything is just so great, and I wanted to show them a side that you know difficulties happen in life but people don’t remember how you fall they are going to remember how you got back up. I went through a cancer scare, I obviously dealt with a back injury and also relationships and I talk about all those different things in my book.            

PUM: Where are we today, what are you involved with?

SC: Right now I’m preparing for the upcoming WNBA season, I’ve also been doing broadcasting work for different networks, ESPN, NBC, CBS and just promoting my book and like I said getting ready for the WNBA season so it’s been a blessing I feel like kind of in basketball you know how you are a free agent when it comes to sports, well now I’m not going overseas anymore so I’m really a free agent in journalism and in broadcasting so that’s kind of exciting.  

PUM: When we last left off you were playing for Seattle, so where are we now and are you open to other teams?

SC:  Yes, actually at the beginning of last year I got traded from Seattle to Chicago so last summer I played in Chicago. This summer I will be heading back to Chicago and really just trying to get this team to the playoffs, it’s a younger team so it’s a new territory and journey for me so I’m embracing it and I’m very excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead of me.  

PUM: Does basketball for women have its longevity, is there an age limitation?

SC:  With every athlete, you are going to have a point where you can’t you know bounce the ball anymore; you can’t run as fast, so I think every athlete will face that whether it’s male or female. I think for women a little earlier we tend to face it because we have to deal with the questions of do we want to have children, do we want to have a marriage, do we want to start families, what about business and careers and other things, so we have to face it a little earlier sometimes than our male counterparts have to. So that’s kind of where I am right now this is the last year on my contract in Chicago and so I’m just really dealing with issues in regards to what is my next step in life and what is my next step in business.    

PUM: Swin you have been such a great motivator, and also you are heading back to the Burgh to keynote the NAACP’s Human Rights Dinner on May 2nd, is this still a hot spot for you?

SC: Of course, I mean Pittsburgh is always home, the love there that I receive and supported is always amazing, for me to see my family, going home it’s always Pittsburgh. I’m excited to be coming in for the NAACP event and really get an opportunity to speak in front of some amazing people that I respect and I love the work that they do and it’s really and honor for me and I know my family and my mom is really excited about it.


For More information about the NAACP Dinner-call 412-471-1024 


More information on Swin Cash is available at: www.swincash.com. Connect with Swin on Twitter @SwinCash or Facebook http://www.facebook.com/swincash.


Book Description/On Amazom

Publication Date: March 2, 2013

We’ve all gotten bad news. A job lost, failing health, loss of a loved one. How would you handle a devastating call you never wanted to receive? Olympian and WNBA star Swin Cash knows what it feels like because she’s been there too. She’s gotten “the call.” Humble Journey: More Precious Than Gold traces her road from the fateful call in 2008, when she failed to make the U.S. Olympic team a second time, to the call in 2012. Join her on this eventful journey through her professional and personal life and discover why the lessons she learned are more precious than the medal she earned.


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