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PUM Salutes Mariah Aquino-Truss, 8 year old Helping to Raise Awareness for the Arthritis Foundation of Pittsburgh

Our Youth in Action

About Mariah Movers

Help us find a cure for arthritis! Mariah was diagnosed with Juvenile Polyarticular Spondyloaropathy in September of 2011. Mariah is one of the 300,000 children who suffers with arthritis.
Mariah was active and full of energy from birth, so it was very alarming when she started complaining of joint pains and suddenly became inactive at age four. She suffered terribly from severe pain, mainly in her hips and wrists, and was unable to walk for three months. The cause of Mariah’s suffering was a mystery to her doctors until she finally was diagnosed in September 2011 with a form of arthritis called Polyarticular Spondyloaropathy. To her, this meant she had pain in several of her joints and could not do the things she loved to do. She is now 8 years old and arthritis has changed her life, but with the proper diagnosis, treatment, and knowledge we are fighting back and Mariah is taking control of her arthritis! Please consider joining our team, or making a donation to “Mariah’s Movers”!

Mariah Movers Facebook Page


“Arthritis”… a disease you develop as you age, right? WRONG! This is one of the most common misconceptions surrounding arthritis and if you ask 8 year old Mariah Aquino-Truss about arthritis she will tell you the truth. Arthritis affects people of all ages, including 300,000 children, 11,500 in Pennsylvania, including Mariah. But, this does not stop or slow down Mariah in her efforts to make a difference in the lives of adults and kids with arthritis.

Mariah and her family got involved with the Arthritis Foundation (www.arthritis.org) shortly after her diagnosis 3 years ago. She has dedicated countless hours to raising awareness and funds for arthritis. Mariah commits at least 10 hours each month to volunteering for the Arthritis Foundation. This varies throughout the year based on her current volunteer duties.

Mariah has served in many volunteer roles. Some of the most outstanding include serving as the 2012 Arthritis Walk child honoree. In this role, Mariah was one of the faces of the event and our organization. It was her duty to raise arthritis awareness among her community and gather support for the event. Notably, for the past 3 years, Mariah and her family have planned a fundraising carnival which benefits the Arthritis Foundation. Over 150 people attend this event each year and Mariah has raised over $6,000 through her efforts.

It doesn’t stop there! Mariah uses her juvenile arthritis diagnosis as a platform to educate others. Through Mariah, the Arthritis Foundation has had the opportunity to do school assemblies to educate her peers about arthritis. She is quick to educate anyone who crosses her path. 

The courage and passion that Mariah exudes while educating and helping others are outstanding. We, at the Arthritis Foundation, feel fortunate to have such a compelling spokesperson. It is not every day you come across an 8 year old who is willing to share her story with the hope to simply help others.

(From the Arthritis Foundation-Nominated for the Jefferson Award)


 (Pictured below: Mariah 8 in blue and her sister Mauriauna 9, photo courtesy Custom Portraits by Charlene) 

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