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Please visit http://www.efwp.org/donate to support the Epilepsy Foundation Western/Central Pennsylvania (EFWCP)!




The video below,  “How We Do It,” is an anthem dedicated to the collective character of Pittsburgh uniquely strong and diverse population. The wildly popular rap video shows us how even those who face the unexpected adversity of Epilepsy, life challenges, or broken beginnings, all find a way to overcome such adversity and rise to Steel City strength. 

The video includes appearances by kids and leadership from:

• Epilepsy Foundation Western/Central Pennsylvania 
• Pittsburgh’s City Charter High School
• YouthPlaces 
• Hip Hop on L.O.C.K. 

The arts education program, Hip Hop on L.O.C.K. Collaborated with kids from City Charter High to write the original lyrics and the track for the video. 

The King of this year’s Mardi Gras Gala to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation, David Malone of Gateway Financial, had the creative idea for the video and employed Emmai Alaquiva, Emmy Award-Winning director, and producer Christina French, FrenchPress Communications to make it happen. David’s vision was carried out with help from some of his good friends featured with Dave himself in the video, including: 


• Carrie “DJ CC” Coghill, Coghill Investment Strategies
• Art “Grandmaster” Rooney II, The Pittsburgh Steelers (pictured)
• Sy “I Don’t Rap” Holzer, PNC Bank
• Leo “LG Smooth" Gerard, USW
• John “J Money” Matlak, Dollar Bank 
• And even Super Bowl Champion, Brett Keisel 

The outcome is more than simply entertaining. It helps to show that some of Pittsburgh’s most powerful community leaders and executives have a great appreciation for the strength and perseverance it takes for some to overcome adversity that is entirely beyond their control. Whether a health condition like Epilepsy, or a life circumstance of disadvantaged youth and poverty, in the Steel City, there is the strength to overcome, and to make our lives and community all that it can be.

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