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Pretty Powerful

Appearance, Substance and Success

by Eboni K. Williams

Viva Editions

Hardcover, $21.99

224 pages

ISBN: 978-1-63596-662-6


Book Review by Kam Williams PUM Contributor


Pretty powerful is the understanding that, as women, we have the duality of both 'pretty' and 'substance' that can (and should) be maximized to achieve any success we set our minds to... While there are significant challenges along the way... we have incredible choice around how we utilize our appearance, coupled with our substance...

This book... is for women who know they are exceptional, who desire to be successful, and who strive toward greatness in all the opportunities life presents to them. This book is for those who understand that womanhood is a strength that, when fully embraced, is unstoppable.

This book is for and about the Pretty Powerful.”

-- Excerpted from the Preface (pages xv-xvii)



Remember you heard it here first: Eboni K. Williams is well on her way to becoming the next Oprah Winfrey. So, appreciate her now and avoid the rush!Like her role model, who represented the State of Tennessee in the Miss Black America contest, Eboni got her start in pageants, from vying for the coveted Miss Cinderella crown as a child to finishing as the first runner-up in the Miss North Carolina competition as an adult. 

As brainy as she is beautiful, the attorney-turned-talk show host has admittedly leveraged both her intellect and looks into a promising career on WABC radio and Fox News TV. You can now add "author" to this rising star's impressive resume, as she has just released her first book: Pretty Powerful 

The groundbreaking how-to tome puts forth the proposition that it's perfectly respectable for females to be as sexy as they are cerebral in pursuit of professional success. That unorthodox advice flies in the face of the conventional thinking which would have women downplay their pulchritude while climbing the corporate ladder in order to avoid being dismissed as bimbos. 

Here, however, Eboni reflects upon her own experiences walking back and forth across the line between fierce and flirtatious personas. She's assisted in making her case by anecdotal evidence furnished by a number of accomplished colleagues who share her daring approach: Johnson Publishing CEO Desirée Rogers, OJ prosecutor Marcia Clark, and conservative political pundit Monica, to name a few. 

Don't hesitate to purchase this practical primer so full of priceless pearls of wisdom it amounts to the literary equivalent of buying in bulk!


To order a copy of Pretty Powerful, visit: https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1635966620/ref%3dnosim/thslfofire-20

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