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Here we go again!  First the preoccupation with who is Devin Patrick Kelley, what motivated him, why did it happen in this small Texas town, was he radicalized and if so by whom; then the offering of a plethora of thoughts and prayers; followed by sheepish demands for gun legislation and hypocritical calls for more research to find out why certain Americans slaughter other Americans.  Believing in the same word magic associated with saying the victims “passed away” instead of “died” as well as alleging it would help stop the next American citizen from acting out, one commentator refused to mention the homegrown terrorist’s name.  Another suggested that we needed to conduct research about the research regarding those who engage in domestic terrorism.  

Why do we need more research when there is a prima facie case related to what constitutes the key enabler for domestic terrorism?  Don’t we have what looks like an ongoing, morbid, scientific experiment whereby [1] “independent variables” change (e.g., who did the deed, time of day, sanity, place, etc.); [2] while one variable is held constant; and [3] the same outcomes occur, i.e., innocent children, women and men slaughtered in minutes?  


Why is there such deep denial as evidenced when the media delay identifying the terrorist if the terrorist is known not to be a “radical” member of a religious group, a person of color, or any other factor that feeds the stereotypes but not the realities regarding who really commits most of the domestic terrorism?  As with dealing with alcohol addiction, don’t we have to first admit the truth, i.e., in this instance acknowledge that more White male citizens than foreigners commit terrorist acts in America?

Aren’t we, by now, weary of some terrorists quickly being deemed mentally ill while others are just as quickly said to be monsters, demons, and dreadful documentation of the need for more immigration controls?   Isn’t the more basic question, regardless of mental health, why should individuals own weapons of mass destruction?

Try as some may to present an altered reality, aren’t we in the midst of what someone described as insanity, that is, observing again and again what happens when weak, frustrated no longer privileged people easily obtain a weapon of mass destruction and yet we expect a result other than some of them engaging in mass murder --especially if one of them had a known history of violence against children as well as women and received a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force?  

Perhaps it is not just the sanity of the mass murderers about which we should be worried.  Perhaps we should worry even more about the sanity of their enablers, e.g., [1] a President speaking from Japan declaring, without sufficient facts, that Devin Patrick Kelley’s slaughter of innocents was a function of mental illness, not guns; [2] elected officials who tremble in the wake of gun lobbyist’s threats and refuse to pass appropriate gun laws; [3] the producers of weapons of mass destruction for whom the “profit motive” is more addictive than opioids are for individuals; and [4] those in deep, depressive denials such as the people still waiting for their supposed savior to bring back their coal mining jobs and, in the meantime, need to protect their “right to carry,” including a weapon of mass destruction.

Finally, lest we forget, America’s war efforts have produced an enduring cycle of [1] developing weapons of mass destruction; [2] generating profiteering industries that produce the weapons; and [3] in the name of the Second Amendment, causing a trickledown of some weapons of mass destruction to domestic terrorists.  Sad to say, profits continue to hold sway and sales of the X factor continue to rule the day.  


Jack L. Daniel

Co-Founder, Freed Panther Society

Pittsburgh Urban Media Contributor

November 10, 2017



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